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Commissions and Fees Schedule

Effective July 2, 2015, we are making changes to the commissions and fees schedule.

View an overview of these changes here (opens PDF in new window).

View the complete commissions and fees schedule effective July 2, 2015 (opens PDF in new window).

The following is the full commissions and fees schedule effective January 14, 2014. You can also view, print or save the commissions and fees schedule effective January 14, 2014 (opens PDF in new window).




The following prices apply to each buy and sell transaction of stocks (including rights and warrants), exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and options trading on all North American exchanges and over-the-counter markets.

Orders placed using our online investing site or our mobile application


All clients — no minimum balance or trading activity required

Clients with 150
or more trades/quarter2

Stocks3 and ETFs $9.95 flat per transaction $6.95 flat per transaction
Options $9.95 + $1.25 per contract $6.95 + $1.25 per contract

Orders placed using an Investment Services Representative

Stocks3 and ETFs

Stock Price Commission Rate
$0.00 — $0.50...........................2.5% of trade
$0.51 — $2.00................$35 + $0.02 per share
$2.01 and over................$35 + $0.05 per share

Options $35 + $1.75 per contract

Minimum commission: $43 per transaction
Canadian and U.S. stock or options transactions with a principal dollar value of $2,000 or less: $43



No commission charged for the purchase of new stock issues (when available).



No commissions4 charged to buy, sell or switch5 mutual funds using our online investing site or our mobile application or through an Investment Services Representative.



The commissions for the purchase and sale of treasury bills, bonds, strip bonds, debentures, GICs and other money market instruments, if any, are included in the quoted price, except for listed debentures for which commissions are charged according to the Stocks Commission Schedule.



Certificates Commission Rate
Gold.................................$28.95 + $1 per oz.
Silver.............................$28.95 + $0.10 per oz.

Gold/silver minimum commission: $43 per trade;
Gold minimum quantity: 5 oz. per trade;
Silver minimum quantity: 100 oz. per trade.
Note: No safekeeping charges for RBC gold or silver certificates


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Clients with combined assets of $15,000 or more in all of their RBC Direct Investing accounts No Fee
Clients with combined assets of less than $15,000 in all of their RBC Direct Investing accounts $25/

The fee is also waived if a client meets any one of the following criteria:

  • Has signed up for a Pre-Authorized Contribution(s)7 (i.e. automatic regular savings transfers) for a combined total of $100/month ($300/quarter) or more in their RBC Direct Investing account(s) (registered and non-registered), or
  • Has been an RBC Direct Investing client for less than six months (this allows new clients sufficient time to transfer assets into RBC Direct Investing), or
  • Has a combined total of three or more commission-paid trades8 during the quarter in all RBC Direct Investing accounts (registered and non-registered), or
  • Has a group RRSP account with RBC Direct Investing, or
  • Has qualified for the RBC Direct Investing Royal Circle® program9 or
  • Has an RBC Student Banking package — current or within the last five years10 , or
  • Has an RBC VIP Banking® package
RSP withdrawals $50
TFSA withdrawals $0
Home Buyer’s Plan and Life Long Learning Plan withdrawals $25
RIF, LIF, RLIF, PRIF, LRIF Withdrawals:
Two withdrawals per year in addition to the scheduled payments $0
Each additional withdrawal $25
Substitution or Swap:
Exchange of cash or securities held in a registered plan with cash or securities of equal value held outside the plan $35
Mortgages in Self-Directed Plans (Set up before January 1, 2014):
Annual administration fee (pro-rated fee is deducted monthly for RRSP) $200
Wire transfer of funds to another financial institution $20
Cheque requests12 $10
Confirmation replacement $2
Statement replacement $5
Research account inquiries $40 per hour (min.$20)
Dishonoured item $25
Certificate registration — regular (4 to 6 weeks) $50
Certificate registration — rush (3 to 5 business days) $200
Transfer out (all account types, excluding donation of shares) $135
Internal transfers (third-party name) $25
Restricted shares12, 13 (holding securities subject to legal restriction on distribution and sale) $200 per security
Private shares12 13 $250 setup + $200 /year
Legal security transfer fee14 $100
Collateral pledge accounts No setup or annual fee
Employee stock option plan15 $50
Estate account processing16 $125/account

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Interest rates paid on cash balances or charged on debit balances are subject to change without notice. Up-to-date information on our rates is available at RBC Direct Investing Interest Rates page or by contacting an RBC Direct Investing Investment Services Representative.


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Note: GST, HST and provincial taxes are charged where applicable.