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Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) holds a range of stocks and/or other investments that track a specific market index, sector group or investment type. ETFs offer the diversification of mutual funds, but can be bought and sold on major stock exchanges throughout the trading day at current market prices.

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ETFs may be ideal for your portfolio if you:

  • Prefer to have built-in diversification—ETFs can include investments such as stocks, commodities and bonds and are available in a range of sectors
  • Desire transparency— the majority of ETFs disclose their holdings on a daily basis
  • Want liquidity—ETFs are listed on the major stock exchanges and can be bought and sold throughout the trading day just like stocks
  • Prefer to follow an index – most ETFs follow a stock or bond index. There are also some ETFs that are managed by a professional investment manager, just like mutual funds.

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Benefits of investing in ETFs at RBC Direct Investing

  • Easily choose from thousands of ETFs—the ETF Centre has the tools and information you need to make informed choices
  • Use ETF Model Portfolios to generate investment ideas or to replicate a model by purchasing the ETFs in that model
  • Find the ETFs that meet your investment objectives using the ETF Screener and make informed decisions using Canadian and U.S. ETF research from Morningstar
  • Take advantage of competitive pricing on trade commissions starting from as low as $6.95 or $9.95 flat1
  • Pay no quarterly maintenance fee2 — regardless of the number of accounts you hold
  • Choose from a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), Cash Investment Account, Margin Investment Account, Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) and other account types
  • Trade on the go using your iPhone or iPod touch
  • Try risk-free investing using our fully integrated Practice Accounts

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RBC Direct Investing Inc. (Member–Canadian Investor Protection Fund), and Royal Bank are separate but affiliated corporate entities. RBC Direct Investing Inc. does not provide investment advice or recommendations regarding the purchase or sale of any securities. Investors are responsible for their own investment decisions. RBC Direct Investing is a business name used by RBC Direct Investing Inc. For more information, please see the Legal Terms of Use (opens new window).

1) $6.95 flat CDN or US equity trade when you trade 150 times or more per quarter; $9.95 flat CDN or US equity trade with $50,000 or more of household assets held in RBC Direct Investing account(s) or when you trade 30 to 149 times per quarter. This pricing only applies to trades placed through an available Automated Service, including the online investing site. Additional terms and conditions apply. Visit or call 1-800-769-2560 for complete details.

2) Clients with combined assets of $15,000 or more in all of their RBC Direct Investing accounts pay no quarterly maintenance fee. Clients with combined assets of less than $15,000 in all of their RBC Direct Investing accounts pay $25 per quarter. For complete details and for information about additional ways to have the quarterly fee waived read our Commissions and Fees Schedule.

+ Additional Terms and Conditions apply.


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