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Fixed Income Securities


Fixed Income Rates - Earn Competitive Returns

RBC Direct Investing offers access to Canada's largest online fixed income inventory. To assist you in making your investment decision, we've created a chart showing a selection of our diverse and unequalled bond and GIC product offerings. This chart represents some of our best and most competitive fixed income rates.

The Information below is as of November 24, 2015
  GICs - Best Rates
  Strip Bonds
  Bonds Suggested by the RBC Dominion Securities Fixed Income Portfolio Advisory Group

GIC Rates
Bonds and Strip Bonds
Step-Up Bonds
Fixed Income Rates

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GICs - Best Rates

The best rates for cashable GICs, and GICs with interest paid at maturity, annually, semi-annually, and monthly can be found on the GIC Rates page.

Strip Bonds

Issuer       Maturity Issuer Type DBRS Rating Offer Price Annual Yield
to Maturity
NS Power 10-Jan-18 Prov AH 97.82 1.045 %
Saskatchewan 5-Mar-29 Prov AA 67.50 3.006 %
Quebec 26-Aug-21 Prov AH 90.34 1.783 %
Ontario 13-Jan-27 Prov AH 73.11 2.855 %
Canada 1-Jun-33 Fed AAA 67.06 2.308 %

Highlights from our Bond Inventory - Federal, Provincial, and Corporate Bonds

Issuer Coupon Maturity Issuer
Offer Price Annual Yield
to Maturity
CGMT 6.65 3-Nov-27 Corp AL 128.89 3.643 %
YDSB 6.55 12-Apr-23 Muni AAL 128.23 2.356 %
SUN 4.38 2-Mar-22 Corp AL 105.05 1.527 %
BC 3.70 18-Dec-20 Prov AAH 111.35 1.368 %
CAN 2.50 1-Jun-24 Fed AAA 108.92 1.384 %
Criteria Used for Bond Selection:
  1. Issues are currently available from our inventories in sufficient quantity.
  2. Pricing near par or as close to par as is possible for any given maturity range.
  3. Yields generally exceed Canada bonds or other bonds with similar term and credit ratings.

All Yields, Prices and Inventories are subject to change. Yield calculations may vary based on the par value purchased.

Bonds, GICs and Strips can be located in the under the Fixed Income Detailed Product Search on the RBC Direct Investing site. This list is a small sample of our extensive inventory. Please view our online offerings today, or speak to an Investment Representative at 1-800-769-2560.

Please note: The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time obtained, but neither RBC Direct Investings nor its employees, agents or information suppliers can guarantee its accuracy or completeness.

This Daily Bond Report is produced by RBC Dominion Securities Inc. and is provided to RBC Direct Investing as third party research. RBC Direct Investing Inc and RBC Dominion Securities Inc. are member companies under RBC Investments.

11/25/2015 13:19:56