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RBC Direct Investing > New & Notable > RBC Direct Investing introduces Lifestyle Stock Screeners developed by Morningstar

RBC Direct Investing introduces Lifestyle Stock Screeners developed by Morningstar

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September 2012

There is a huge universe of stocks available to purchase and sometimes it may be confusing to know where to begin. Investors may not necessarily relate to thousands of companies that are listed on stock exchanges – just the number of companies alone can make it difficult to make a selection. But when RBC Direct Investing asked investors to think about companies relating to their lifestyles and interests; these investors found it easier and engaging to come up with investment ideas. Companies that best related to the lifestyles and interests of investors were a natural fit for potential consideration.

To make it easier for investors to generate ideas that they can further research, RBC Direct Investing has introduced Lifestyle Stock Screeners developed by Morningstar. Exclusive to RBC Direct Investing, this unique approach to filtering stocks allows investors to identify publicly-traded companies relating to their lifestyles and interests, with interests or "themes" such as Passion for Food; Sport & Fitness; Travel & Leisure; Passion for Fashion; Health & Home; Technology & Gadgets; and Music, Movies & Gaming.

RBC Direct Investing has also introduced to its clients, a robust suite of stock, ETF and options research content from Morningstar. This new content complements the Morningstar mutual fund research that is already available to RBC Direct Investing clients.

For more information about the Morningstar research available for RBC Direct Investing clients visit:

About Morningstar Inc.

Morningstar Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. They specialize in providing world-class, analyst-driven investment research and insights on all major asset classes for individual investors, professional financial advisors, and institutional clients. Morningstar is not an investment firm, nor does it underwrite securities. This commitment to independence has made the firm a trusted source for investors for over 25 years.

Morningstar's unique equity research philosophy is based on two core factors: providing accurate valuations of companies over the long term and identifying companies with sustainable competitive advantages, otherwise known as "Economic Moats".