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Additional Benefits for Our Most Loyal Clients

When you invest significant assets with us, you will have access to the additional benefits of our Royal Circle®Legal Disclaimer footnote § Program to help make managing your investments even easier.

Benefits of a Royal Circle Membership

Priority Service

Receive front-of-the-line service from our most experienced representatives, and extend your benefits to anyone in your immediate household.

Premium Research

Access premium research from Morningstar and RBC Capital Markets®. Get access to the latest market movements.

Preferred rates

Access to preferred margin rates for your investment borrowing needs.

How Do I Qualify for Royal Circle Membership?

There are two ways to qualify for Royal Circle membership. Your month-end balances for four consecutive months must be at least $250,000 or your annual trading commissions must be greater than $5,000. To learn more, please call us at 1-800-769-2560.

“I want investment ideas for my portfolio.”

Get inspired with new investing ideas or get help creating an equity portfolio with Morningstar’s series of stock-based pick lists.

Morningstar Research

“What does it cost to trade?”

Pay only $9.95 flat per equity tradeLegal Disclaimer footnote * with no minimum balance or trading activity required or $6.95 flat per equity trade with 150+ trades per quarter.

Pricing (commissions, fees and interest rates)

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