Unclaimed Property

The provinces of Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia have introduced regulations which set out specific responsibilities for the administration of Unclaimed Property if the last known address of the owner of the property was within one of these provinces. The legislation is designed to ensure that all reasonable efforts are made to return Unclaimed Property to its owner. Unclaimed Property refers to securities and/or money held in accounts, without recent activity (3 years), where the current location of the client is not known to us and the last known address is in one of Quebec, Alberta or British Columbia. RBC Direct Investing Inc. maintains a database of accounts which may hold Unclaimed Property.

If you have an enquiry or claim in respect of Unclaimed Property either on your own behalf or, for example, in your capacity as attorney under a power of attorney or as estate trustee, please call us at 1-800-769-25601-800-769-2560.