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Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) are often considered the building blocks of a well-balanced portfolio. They guarantee your original investment—plus a specific rate of return for a term that you choose—and offer a reliable, low-risk investment over a set period of time.

Benefits of Investing in GIC with Us

Access an extensive range of GICs from all major Canadian financial institutions

Competitive Rates

Enjoy competitive interest rates, guaranteed for the full term of your investment.

Flexible Options

Choose from GICs that offer annual, semi-annual, monthly or compound interest.

Find Opportunities

Use the Fixed Income Screener to filter and identify investments that meet your needs.

“Can I Sell a GIC Before Its Maturity Date?”

While many GICs cannot be sold prior to maturity, RBC Direct Investing offers cashable GICs that can be redeemed after 30 days.

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“I'd like a number of GICs to choose from.”

Choose from a variety of GIC terms and rates, including GICs with regular interest payment options.

GIC Rates

“I’d like to do more with my GICs.”

Connect with like-minded investors in the Community1 for inspiration, or see what GICs they're investing in - without disclosing their real identity or yours.

The Community

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