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Commissions & Fees Schedule

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Maintenance Fee

Maintenance Fee
Clients with combined assets of $15,000 or more across all of their RBC Direct Investing accounts No Fee8
Clients with combined assets of less than $15,000 across all of their RBC Direct Investing accounts $25 per quarter9
Clients who hold assets in an FHSA only, regardless of the amount No fee

The fee is also waived if a client meets any one of the following criteria:

  • Has signed up for a Pre-Authorized Contribution(s)10 (i.e. automatic regular savings transfers) for a combined total of $100/month, $300/quarter or more in their RBC Direct Investing account(s) (registered or non-registered)
  • Has been an RBC Direct Investing client for less than six months (this allows new clients sufficient time to transfer assets to RBC Direct Investing)
  • Has a combined total of three or more commission–paid trades11 during the quarter across all RBC Direct Investing accounts (registered and non-registered)
  • Has a group RRSP account with RBC Direct Investing
  • Has qualified for the RBC Direct Investing Royal Circle® program12
  • Has a specified RBC banking package for students13
  • Has an RBC VIP Banking® package

Transactions and Other Fees14

Transactions and Other Fees
R S P withdrawals (including L I R A unlocking) $50
T F S A or F H S A withdrawals $0
Home Buyers’ Plan and Life Long Learning Plan withdrawals $25

R I F, L I F, R I F, P R I F, L R I F Withdrawals

R I F, L I F, R I F, P R I F, L R I F Withdrawals
Two withdrawals per year in addition to the scheduled payments $0
Each additional withdrawal $25

Mortgages in Self-Directed Plans (Set up before January 1, 2014)

Mortgages in Self-Directed Plans (Set up before January 1, 2014)
Annual administration fee (pro–rated fee is deducted monthly for R. S. P.) $200


Wire transfer of funds to another financial institution within Canada and the U.S. $45
Cheque requests15 $10
Confirmation replacement $2
Statement replacement (including tax and CRM2 statements) $5
Research account inquiries $40 per hour (min. $20)
Dishonoured item (N. S. F. and returned cheques) $45
Certificate registration – regular (approximately 2 to 3 weeks) $50
Certificate registration – rush (3 to 5 business days where available) $200
Transfer out (all account types, excluding donation of shares) $150
Internal transfers (third–party name) $25
Private shares15, 16 $250 setup + $200 annual fee
Restricted shares15, 16 (holding securities subject to legal restriction on distribution and sale) $200 per security
Legal security transfer fee17 $100
Collateral pledge accounts No setup or annual fee
Employee stock option plan18 $50
Estate account processing if assets are transferred within RBC19 $175/account
Estate account processing if assets are transferred out of RBC $350/account
Unclaimed property remittance fee (as permitted by law) $150/account
Registered estate T3 preparation and filing, per account (if required) $200/hour (min. $200, max. $600)

Note: G. S. T., H. S. T. and provincial taxes are charged where applicable.

Other fees

In certain circumstances, fees may be charged to your account for services provided by third parties to fulfil your request. You will be notified of any additional fees before they are charged to your account.

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