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Competitive Fixed Income Rates

RBC Direct Investing offers access to one of Canada's largest online fixed income inventory. The following charts show a selection of our broad and diverse bond and GIC offerings, and list some of our most competitive rates.

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The information below is as of April 15, 2019

Bond Inventory Highlights: Federal, Provincial, and Corporate Bonds

Bond Inventory Highlights: Federal, Provincial, and Corporate Bonds
Issuer Coupon Maturity Issuer Type DBRS Rating Offer Price Semi-Annual Yield to Maturity
NB 2.85 02-Jun-23 Prov AH 103.74 1.903 %
OH 8.90 18-Aug-22 Prov AH 122.74 1.849 %
ONT 1.35 08–Mar–22 Prov AH 98.97 1.718 %
BC 3.70 18–Dec–20 Prov AAH 103.36 1.652 %
CAN 2.50 01–Jun–24 Fed AAA 104.93 1.497 %

Strip Bonds1

Strip Bonds
Issuer Maturity Issuer Type DBRS Rating Offer Price Annual Yield to Maturity
British Columbia 23-Aug-19 Prov AAH 99.43 1.641 %
Saskatchewan 5–Mar–29 Prov AA 78.70 2.454 %
Quebec 15–Aug–22 Prov AH 94.34 1.766 %
Ontario 13–Jan–27 Prov AH 83.25 2.396 %
Canada 01–Dec–34 Fed AAA 74.03 1.943 %
  • Issues are currently available from our inventories in sufficient quantity.
  • Pricing as close to par as is possible for any given maturity range.
  • Yields generally exceed Canada bonds or other bonds with similar term and credit ratings.

All Yields, Prices and Inventories are subject to change. Yield calculations may vary based on the par value purchased.

Bonds, GICs and Strips can be located in the under the Fixed Income Detailed Product Search on the RBC Direct Investing site. This list is a small sample of our extensive inventory. Please view our online offerings today, or speak to an Investment Representative at 1-800-769-2560.

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