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Tools in the Spotlight

Tools that Empower. Research that Informs.

Learn and Explore at Your Own Pace

Take baby steps—or dive right in—with resources that are designed to help you take control. You can even talk to an investment services representative if you have a question or need help getting started.

Practice Trading Stocks and More

Get comfortable using the Online Investing platform with guest access through a Practice Account. Free for RBC Online Banking and RBC Direct Investing clients.

Start Practising Screenshot
Start Practising Screenshot

Build Your Knowledge with Inspired Investor Trade

Get insights to support your decisions and explore the Investing Academy for guides on topics like investing in stocks, options and more.

Inspired Investor Screenshot

Get Started with the Investor's Toolkit

When you're a new investor, it can be hard to know where to begin. The Investor's Toolkit can help by showing you the basics you need to build your strategy and start investing.

Start Practising Screenshot
Inspired Investor Screenshot

Watch and Learn

See how to buy a stock on the Online Investing platform, learn how to manage watchlists on the RBC MobileLegal Disclaimer footnote 3 app, and more with educational videos and demos.

Inspired Investor Screenshot

Find Opportunities and Validate Your Ideas

From analyst-built stock screeners to world-class research, find everything you need to build your portfolio.

Morningstar Pick Lists Screenshot

Inform Your Decisions with Extensive Research

See what analysts are noticing with MorningstarLegal Disclaimer footnote Pick Lists, explore analyst upgrades and downgrades from RefinitivLegal Disclaimer footnote and access expert market commentary from Morningstar and RBC.

Morningstar's research reports, tools and ratings can help you make informed investment decisions, whether you need to evaluate your choices or understand the performance of your investments.

  • Morningstar Pick Lists: Explore investment ideas or build your portfolio with stock-based pick lists and ETF analyst favourites.
  • Morningstar Ratings: See whether Morningstar rates a stock as overvalued, fairly valued or undervalued or assess a fund’s past performance relative to its peers.
  • Morningstar Research Reports: Access Canadian Research Highlights, Stock and ETF Reports, and Editorials by Morningstar investment professionals.

RBC draws on a vast global network of investment and research professionals to deliver knowledge and insights that can help inform your investment decisions:

  • Equity Benchmark Performance Reports: Get a monthly summary of the performance of stock market indices and sub-indices from RBC Capital Markets.
  • RBC Economics: Access economic updates and forecasts, housing reports, exclusive podcasts and more for Canada, the U.S. and key global markets.
  • Global Insight Daily: Get reviews of equity, fixed income, commodity and currency markets by analysts and strategists at RBC Capital Markets and RBC Wealth Management.
  • Expert Insights and Global Investment Outlook: Find regular articles and quarterly insights provided by senior investment professionals at RBC Global Asset Management.
Morningstar Pick Lists Screenshot

Keep an Eye on Investments You’re Interested in with Watchlists

Track the activity of stocks, ETFs, options and more in up to 40 custom watchlists of up to 100 securities each. Watchlists are available on all three trading platforms so you can see the action throughout the trading day.

Watchlist Screenshot
Email Alert Screenshot

Get Stock and Market Alerts on All Your Devices

Set alerts for stock price movements, specific news, Morningstar reports, and events or price changes on certain exchanges—such as the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) or New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Email Alert Screenshot
Start Practising Screenshot

Keep Track of Important Dates

Get daily, weekly and monthly views of economic events, earnings dates and dividend dates for investments you’re interested in using the Earnings and Events calendar.

Insight News Screenshot

Stay on Top of News That Could Impact Your Trading Decisions

Filter on categories like stock markets, earnings and more to see the latest news and headlines on the Online Investing platform. You can also view detailed news on the Trading Dashboard.

Insight News Screenshot

Invest and Trade in the Moment

Take action with the real-time data you need to make confident decisions.

For Advanced Trading

Make Informed Trades with Real-Time StreamingLegal Disclaimer footnote 1 Quotes

At home or on the go, track stock and ETF prices in the moment with real-time streaming quotes —without having to pay extra.

Invest and Trade Screenshot
Start Practising Screenshot
For Advanced Trading

Stay Ahead with Pre-Market and After-Hours Trading

Trading doesn’t have to stop when the markets close. React to the most current market news with pre-market and after-hours trading, available at no additional cost.

Inspired Investor Screenshot

Put Your Savings on Auto-Pilot

Set up a pre-authorized contribution (PAC) to your account(s) in any amount you want and then invest that money when you’re ready. Maintain a PAC of at least $100 per month ($300 per quarter) and we’ll waive the $25 quarterly maintenance fee.Legal Disclaimer footnote 4


Keep Your Money Invested


Track and Manage Your Investments

Keep an eye on your investments and your goals on track.

Recent Events Screenshot

See Recent Events That May Impact the Value of Your Investments

Make informed buy and sell decisions with indicators and trends that are relevant to the securities you hold. Insights include dividend announcements, earnings, 52-week highs/lows and more.

Inspired Investor Screenshot

View Your Investment Mix and Monitor Risk with the Portfolio Analyzer

Easily view the mix of investments in your portfolio to check the diversification of your holdings. Also see where your portfolio lands on the risk/return scale and how it fits with your investor profile.

Start Practising Screenshot
Account performance Screenshot

Keep Your Goals on Track with the Account Performance Tool

Easily measure and compare your investment portfolio’s rate of return against various benchmarks to make sure your investment strategy is in line with your long-term objectives.

Account performance Screenshot

Estimate the Income You Could Get from Your Investments

Get a detailed projection of your future dividend and distribution income based on the historical data and forward estimates of your holdings using the Income Projection tool.

Estimate Income Screenshot
Watchlist Screenshot

Keep an Eye on Investments You Hold with Watchlists

Set up watchlists to track the trading activity of your stocks, ETFs, options and other investments and access them anytime from the RBC Mobile app, Online Investing platform and Trading Dashboard.

Watchlist Screenshot

Set Alerts for Stocks and Other Investments You Hold

Get updates for your stocks, ETFs and mutual funds on your mobile, desktop or tablet. For example, set an alert to know about price changes for a particular stock.

Start Practising Screenshot
Compare All Three Trading Platforms
Feature Online Investing Platform RBC MobileCompare Table Legal Disclaimer footnote 1 app Trading Dashboard
North American Stocks and Options Trading
View and Monitor Your Accounts and Investments
Real-Time QuotesCompare Table Legal Disclaimer footnote 2
Level 2 QuotesCompare Table Legal Disclaimer footnote 3 for Stocks and ETFs
News and Headlines
Fixed-Income Investments Search
North American Stocks and Options Trading
Real-Time QuotesCompare Table Legal Disclaimer footnote 2
Real-Time StreamingCompare Table Legal Disclaimer footnote 4 Quotes for Stocks and ETFs
Level 2 QuotesCompare Table Legal Disclaimer footnote 3 for Stocks and ETFs
Trading with Avion Points
Pre-Market and After-Hours Trading
Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)Compare Table Legal Disclaimer footnote 5,Compare Table Legal Disclaimer footnote 6 Setup
Pre-Authorized Contribution (PAC) Plan Setup
Treasury Bill Rollover Setup
View and Monitor Your Accounts and Investments
Portfolio Analyzer, Account Performance and Income Projection Tools
Recent Events Driving Your HoldingsCompare Table Legal Disclaimer footnote 7
Fixed-Income Investments Search
Custom and Pre-Defined Screeners/Filtered Lists for Stocks, Mutual Funds and ETFs
MorningstarCompare Table Legal Disclaimer footnote Research (Pick Lists, Editorials, Ratings and Research)
Sectors and Industries Analysis
Research by RBC Capital Markets, RBC Economics and More
News and Headlines
Consensus Upgrades and Downgrades by RefinitivCompare Table Legal Disclaimer footnote
Street Consensus by Thomson Reuters
Alerts (Stock and Market)
Calendar (Earnings and Events)
FactSet Fundamentals, Estimates and Reference Data
Technical Analysis and Advanced Charting
Technical Analysis and Events from Trading CentralCompare Table Legal Disclaimer footnote
New Issues/IPOs Search
Educational Videos and Demos
Inspired Investor Trade
Practice Accounts
Compare All Three Trading Platforms

Choose the Platform that Gives You More.

Get the tools and research you need to empower and inform your investing decisions.

RBC digital banking security guarantee

Get 100% reimbursement for any unauthorized transactions conducted through the Online Investing platform or the RBC Mobile app.

See the Guarantee

Tools and Research FAQs

RBC Direct Investing clients can find investing articles and educational resources within the Online Investing platform under the Explore menu > Inspired Investor. Market commentary is available under the Research menu.

If you are not yet a client, you can also explore our digital magazine, Inspired Investor.

There are many ways to gain exposure to global or emerging markets through exchanged-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds and American depository receipt (ADR) stocks.

To find ETFs or mutual funds on the Online Investing platform, log in to your account and select “ETF Screener” or “Mutual Fund Screener” under the Research menu > Screeners. You can choose from pre-defined screeners or click Create My Own to customize your screener to search for funds with exposure to global and emerging markets.

To search for ADR stocks on the Online Investing platform, log in to your account and select “Stocks & ETFs” or “Get a Quote” under the Trade and Transfer menu > Place an Order.

To learn more, log in to the Online Investing platform and explore the articles under the Investing Academy menu.

Both types of quotes provide real-time data but streaming quotes update automatically so you don't have to refresh or toggle between screens.

Real-Time QuotesLegal Disclaimer footnote 7 Real-Time Streaming Quotes
These give you pricing that's accurate at the moment you look up the quote. These stream, so you don't have to refresh your screen to get automatic price updates.

Real-time quotes are available for Practice Accounts as long as you also have at least one RBC Direct Investing account (which gives you access to real-time streaming and Level 2Legal Disclaimer footnote 10 quotes).

No, Level 2 quotes are not available for options and OTC securities.

If you're an Active TraderLegal Disclaimer footnote 9 who has signed exchange agreements, you will have access to Level 2 quotes for stocks and ETFs that trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange and Nasdaq—on the Trading Dashboard, Online Investing platform and the RBC MobileLegal Disclaimer footnote 3 app.

Placing a pre-market or after-hours trade online is no different than entering an order during regular hours. While there's no additional cost to you to trade outside of regular market hours, our standard pricingLegal Disclaimer footnote 8 applies. Any orders not fulfilled by the end of the pre-market or after-hours session will expire.

Pre-market quote data is added to the previous day's close quotes from 4:00 to 9:30 am.

Pre-market trading is only available for U.S. markets. You can make pre-market trades Monday to Friday at the following times:

  • NYSE from 8:00 to 9:25 am ET
  • NASDAQ from 8:00 to 9:25 am ET

Post-market quotes include intraday closing data, as well as data from 4:01 to 8:00 p.m. Between 8:00 p.m. and 4 a.m. the next trading day, you will see after-hours quotes.

You'll be able to make after-hours trades from Monday to Friday at the following times:

  • Canada (TSX + TSX Venture) from 4:15 to 5:00 pm ET
  • U.S. (Nasdaq + NYSE) from 4:01 to 5:00 pm ET

Yes, you can call 1-800-769-2560 to place trades over the phone for a minimum commission of $43 per trade. If you choose to trade online, you'll pay just $9.95 commission per trade.Legal Disclaimer footnote 8