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Cost Efficiency and Diversification in One

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a basket of stocks that track a specific market , or commodity (such as oil), and are bought and sold on major stock exchanges throughout the trading day. With built-in and liquidity, they’re a cost-efficient and popular choice for investors.

Benefits of Investing in ETFs With Us

Choose from thousands of ETFs—our online investing site has the resources you need to make informed choices.

Convenient, built-in diversification

When you invest in an ETF, you're investing in a diversified portfolio of investments that can include stocks, bonds and cash.

Morningstar Research

View a list of Morningstar analysts’ ETF favourites and make informed decisions using Morningstar research reports.

Low Commissions

Pay only $9.95 flat per trade1—no minimum balance or trading activity required—$6.95 flat per trade1 with 150+ trades per quarter.

“What Are the Advantages of Investing in ETFs?”

  • Most ETFs have low fees, making them a cost–effective way to diversify a portfolio
  • ETFs can give you access to a wide variety of sectors and indices, helping you achieve diversification
  • ETFs offer the same liquidity (ability to easily buy and sell) as other securities that trade on major exchanges

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“I want to practice investing in ETFs first.”

Use a Practice Account to try out ETFs, risk–free. You’ll have the same online experience as with a real account, without using actual money.

Practice Accounts

“How can I find ETFs for my portfolio?”

Find ETFs that can help you meet your investing objectives using pre-defined screeners, or choose an ETF using your own criteria.

ETF Research

I’m Ready to Get Started With RBC Direct Investing

Open an account online or try out our actual investing site — not a demo — with a practice account.