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Real-Time1 and Real-Time Streaming2 Quotes Because Every Moment Counts

With real-time streaming bid/ask information at your fingertips, you can confidently make decisions in the moment.

Real-time quotes and real-time streaming quotes

Available to all traders (no minimum balance required)

Real-time quotes and real-time streaming quotes for stocks and ETFs help you make informed decisions in the moment by providing you with:

Monitor your stocks and place a trade in the moment with real-time streaming quotes on the Trading Dashboard, without refreshing or switching screens.

Real-time quotes help inform your decisions about the price at which to buy or sell your stocks and ETFs – based on bid/ask data, with no delay.

Get ahead of the curve by monitoring stocks and ETFs in real-time. Feel confident you have the best available quote information when you want to trade.

Your real-time detailed quote page lets you see the price history of a stock or ETF.

Get down to the specifics on the price history of a stock or ETF using historical data to evaluate trends. Get insights from real-time quotes before placing your trade. Refresh your page if you’ve been idle.

Level 2 Quotes3

Now available to all traders (no minimum balance required)

Real-time Level 2 quotes are now available free to all clients for Canadian exchange-traded stocks and ETFs (TSX, TSX/V).

Level 2 quotes are a powerful tool that give you real-time information on the activity behind a quote – such as the number and size of orders waiting in the queue, at each price. With added insight into the price action behind a quote’s best bid/ask, you get a feel for market activity before you decide to buy or sell.

When you log in to the secure investing site, Level 2 quotes are conveniently located in the middle of your detailed quote page. You can set your quote viewing preferences to always show, hide or expand (only quotes on Canadian exchanges TSX & TSX/V will display).

Exclusively for Active Traders4

In addition, qualified Active Traders who have signed their exchange agreements also get access to Level 2 quotes on the Canadian Securities Exchange and NASDAQ-listed securities.

See the full picture across multiple exchanges – whether you’re at home or on the go – to ensure you’re getting the best price in the moment.


They both provide real-time data but streaming quotes update automatically on your Trading Dashboard so you don’t have to refresh or toggle between screens.

Comparing real-time quotes and real-timing streaming quotes
Real-Time Quotes versus Real-Time Streaming Quotes
These give you pricing that's accurate at the moment you look up the quote. versus These stream in the Trading Dashboard, so you don’t have to refresh your screen to get automatic price updates.

Real-time quotes are available for Practice Accounts as long as you also have at least one RBC Direct Investing account (which gives you access to real-time streaming and Level 2 quotes).


Active traders who sign exchange agreements will have access to Level 2 quotes on NASDAQ, both online and on the RBC Mobile5 app.

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