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Create and track your specific investing goals, monitor your portfolio, save automatically and more—with tools and resources designed to help you succeed.

Goal Setting Tool

Get help reaching your retirement, education savings, home down payment or other savings milestone by linking your goals to your accounts. With the Goal Setting tool you can define, chart and track your goals. Plus, it offers suggestions to help you reach them faster!

How the Goal Setting Tool works:

  • Name your goal and choose your goal type (for example: Retirement)
  • Link your goal to one or more accounts. For example, you might link a “New Car” goal to your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
  • Enter details such as how much you need to save, how much you can contribute, as well as your timeline

Once you create your goal, the tool will show you how making changes to your plan—such as saving more or investing for a longer time period—could affect your goal’s outcome

Portfolio Analyzer

Check how diversified your is in just a few clicks. The Portfolio Analyzer allows you to easily view your portfolio’s mix of investments and monitor risk. Drill down to sector and regional exposures or check your holdings to see where you might be concentrated.

The Portfolio Analyzer can help you:

  • View your asset mix: you can view your portfolio’s mix of investments and analyze its components.
  • Monitor how you’re diversified: See how your portfolio is diversified, by asset class (stocks, fixed income, cash, etc.), regions of the world, industry sectors (such as energy or technology) and view your holdings concentration
  • Visualize risk & simulated returns over time: Check in to see where your portfolio lands on the risk/return scale and how it fits with your investor profile.

Performance Tool

With the Performance Tool, you can easily measure and compare your portfolio’s against various , helping you keep your goals on track.

Here’s what you can do with the Performance Tool:

  • View and compare the for your
  • Compare your portfolio’s performance to various such as the S&P/TSX or S&P 500, or to the returns of a generic (such as Conservative, Balanced or Growth) to see if your investment strategy is in line with your long–term objectives
  • Choose the type of return you want to view: Calendar, Cumulative or Annualized
  • View your rate of return on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis


Keep track of your stocks, ETFs and mutual funds anytime, anywhere. With the Alerts feature you can receive timely updates on your tablet, mobile phone or desktop.

Personalize your alerts to know when a stock price goes up or down, or when there are other changes you want to know about. You can also receive alerts for news stories, announcements and Morningstar research reports.

Plus, use Market Alerts to set alerts for events or price changes that happen within a specific (such as the TSX or NYSE).


Get daily, weekly and monthly views of economic events, earnings dates and dates that may affect your investments.


Watchlists help you keep an eye on the trading activity of stocks, ETFs, options and more. Create up to 40 custom watchlists of up to 100 securities you’ve invested in, or those you want to learn more about. A simple, three-step set-up Wizard can help get you started so you can catch the action throughout the trading day.

Save Towards Your Goals—Automatically

Pre-Authorized Contribution (PAC) Plan

Build your savings steadily over time by making automatic, pre-planned deposits to your RBC Direct Investing accounts in regular, easy-to-manage amounts throughout the year.

Learn More about Pre-Authorized Contribution Plan
Try the PAC Calculator (opens link in a new window)

Receive Income and/or Keep Your Investments Working For You

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

Want to get more out of your investment dollars? When you sign up for DRIP, you can arrange to have the cash dividends1 you earn from the shares you hold in your account automatically reinvested. RBC Direct Investing will purchase additional shares2 in the same companies on your behalf on the dividend payment date. No fees or commissions apply.

View Eligible Securities (opens link in a new window)

Treasury Bill Rollover

Automatically roll over your treasury bills when they mature, ensuring that your investments keep earning all they can.

Automatic Funds Transfer

Automatically move cash on a monthly basis from your RBC Direct Investing Cash or Margin account to your chequing or savings account at any Canadian financial institution.

Crunch the Numbers and Create a Plan

Financial Calculators

Analyze different financial scenarios using a range of easy-to-use investment and retirement planning calculators.

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